Newcastle, England 20 May, 2015

Spent last night in Newcastle.  I kicked myself out of the room around half eleven this morning for a walk quayside along the Tyne River.  A beautiful morning, sunny, clear and mild, the kind of day one should spend outside.  After walking awhile I bumped in to Glenn, Pete and Mark on their way back from their walk and we fell in for a coffee at a shoppe humbly called Great Coffee…. and it WAS.  We took a table outside on the quay and watched the river and the world drift by while becoming fully caffeinated.

We arrived at Metro Radio Arena for an early soundcheck and generally moved everything up a little to make time for tonight’s meet and greet.  Loads of fun and always a hit with everyone.  Mark & Co. did his hometown proud at tonight’s gig and it’s always good to play Newcastle.  Brilliant playing tonight, a man in every corner and having Ruth and Nigel along is the icing.

A runner and short flight south to London…. gin tonic X 2 and shepherd’s pie.  Day off tomorrow then it’s the London O2 on Friday night.

So long,