Glasgow, Scotland 19 May, 2015

The Meet and Greet made a triumphant return in Glasgow.  While not quite the extravaganza it was back in 2008 we played a scrappy mini-set of songs for contest winners prior to the gig.  John, Mike, Ruth and I were ushered into a roomful of folks, including John’s parents, and played a few tunes before Mark came in, said hello, signed autographs and took pictures.  It sounds like the M&G’s will be an ongoing event again having been absent the last few tours.  We’ll no doubt continue adding songs and antics as we go.  A great way to get warmed up before the main event.

Glasgow’s main event commenced at 7:30 at the Hydro Arena to a full house of 6,000+.  A well played and well received show, everyone happy.

A runner for a short, two gin and tonic flight south to Newcastle where we play on the 20th.

So long,