Reggio Calabria, Italy

The day began in Rome with a return to Lagana for lunch along with Guy, Danny, MK, the Caviglia's, a couple of our drivers and our friend from Croatia, Drago. Then back to the hotel to finish packing and off to the airport for our trip to Reggio Calabria and the last 'official' gig in Europe. We have one more show tomorrow night back in London, a private short set for Deutche Bank.

Reggio C. is the southern most tip of Italy and very different from the north, more rustic. The venue was hot and dirty, the dressing rooms filthy and the floors greasy. It had so many strikes against it including dreadful sound and yet it was one of the greatest and loudest audiences of the entire tour so far. Positively deafening. It was a great gig.

As today is the end of the European leg, it was also a day of many goodbyes. To our great German friends and drivers of the last ten weeks, Eike, Alex, Stefan, Bernie, Siggy and Alex, thanks for the many smooth miles and smiles. Over the last couple of days we said farewell to our pilots Taj, Rob, Keith and Anita and the Legacy dubbed Lambsy. So long to Adam Ireland and all the great folks from Eat Your Hearts Out, our caterers. Darren Wey, head chef, will be joining us in America. And finally, a sad goodbye to Susi our hostess on the Legacy for these ten weeks, she deserves the medal of honor for the way she looked after us and all she got was a bunch of tired hugs. Here's to you Susi, a tall, cool gin and tonic is hoisted your way. Bless you all and thank you.

We returned to London at 3 in the morning, it's been a very long day.

So long,