Naples, Italy

A very late sleep in, making up for yesterday's lack of it and the late evening last night.

A short flight to Napoli and an open air gig on the site of what used to be an ancient amphitheatre and is now a new amphitheatre. A very strange gig as there was a huge, deep orchestra pit, actually more like a moat, between us and the audience. Also, quite a lot of unused stage in front of us before the pit, as they had to put the speaker columns on the sides of the stage and, because of feedback, we must remain behind them. Consequently, we were miles from the people and felt very disconnected. Still it was a well played gig and I think the audience enjoyed it, though it was difficult to tell with them being so far away.

On the flight back to Roma, Susi arranged 12 boxes of Naples' most famous food, pizza. I've never had pizza this good, incredibly delicious ingredients and chewy crust. One of those meals that shut everybody up for a while with only the sound of slurping and the occasional expletive due to sauce and cheese dripping onto pants and shirts. As we landed in Rome, all 12 boxes had been demolished. Wow.

So long,