Koln, Germany

I accidentally knocked over my desk lamp this morning, usually no cause for alarm but this lamp's shade was top heavy globe of frosted glass and when it hit the desk, the top of which was marble, the whole thing exploded into a million shards of glass, something I would have loved to see in slow motion at a distance. It was everywhere, some of it pulverized into a sort of glass dust. Of course I managed to cut myself cleaning it up. A crap start to the day when really all you want is a first cup of coffee which I eventually got round to. I also made it into the gym after taking a few days off and it was good to get back to it. Packed up, checked out and the girl at the desk said not to worry about the lamp and I told her not to worry about my wound. Then it was off to the Koln Arena.

It was a big one tonight about 13,500 fans. Somewhere in the middle of the show people started making their way up to the front of the stage, all pretty orderly. After several numbers, the security began seating everybody and at some point we looked up and they'd all disappeared. Mark stopped a song in progress and called down the security with my favourite expletive, much to the approval of the fans who rushed the stage and packed the aisles. We then finished the show with MK and band in top form tonight.

Brit comfort food for the flight, shepherd's pie, peas, Heinz beans, HP sauce and a couple of drinks. Before we knew it we'd been delivered to Berlin to spend the night and play tomorrow. My daughter in town visiting her boyfriend so I will spend the day with them.

So long,