Lille, France

We decamped from our London digs after a great 10 days. Of course, the contents of my suitcases managed to find their way into every corner and onto every surface of the room. It was goodbye to the U.K. for a while but it was good to get back on our plane, see Susi again and enjoy some sushi 20,000 feet above ground.

Tonight's show was at the Zenith and we were back in the land of stand up gigs. It had been a while since we had one like that and was it ever a steamer, figuratively and literally. The audience was packed onto the floor with seating along the sides and back and were fantastic with enthusiasm, really rocking. Fueled by their response, we turned in a really rocking performance, if I have to say so myself. However, the temperature in that joint must have been over 90 degrees, absolutely no air and humid as a rain forest. It was difficult to get a lung full of oxygen and we all came off that stage saturated and into waiting cars.

The Legacy received our sweaty selves and we feasted on some delicious Thai food. It was rumored a martini or two might have been involved as well. We arrived in Koln (Cologne), Germany where we spend the night and play tomorrow. Just for good measure and nostalgia's sake, Danny, Guy and I paid a visit to the fab bar at the hotel for a night cap. It has been the scene of many a good night from past tours and we wanted to make certain the vibe was still happening. It most certainly was.

So long,