London, England

We were up early and out for the last day of sight-seeing with the children. Took the tube to Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms, a warren of underground bunkers in the heart of London from which the prime minister conducted business and oversaw his country's military from 1939 until the end of WWII. Many, small rooms of concrete with a small kitchen and private bedrooms for the Churchills, a BBC radio room, map, strategy and conference rooms and state of the art (for the day) switchboards. Also, a tiny broom closet that housed the hot lines to President Roosevelt that was thought by all but the top rank to be Churchill's private toilet. The entire underground was reinforced with a poured concrete slab for the ceiling and massive timbers wedged after the fact for extra structural support. These headquarters were sealed after the fall of Berlin, maps still with pins in them, burnt out cigars in ashtrays, papers on desks, and not opened again until the 70's. All the furniture, office equipment, cots, cleaning supplies etc. just as they were and is like stepping back 60 years in time. From there it was a walk to the Tate Gallery, the leading museum of British art where we spent an hour or so taking in the Constable's and Turner's. If ever in London don't miss either of these attractions.

The last of our Albert shows was maybe the best. We were all a little tired tonight which made for a slightly relaxed performance which is not a bad thing at all. The audience was a brilliant Friday night crowd of 5,200 which is the Hall's capacity and has been filled each night. Another reception tonight seeing friends from Italy again as well as Chicago and North Carolina. It was a little sad leaving RAH this evening, it was a fabulous five show run and it really felt like home for the week, also saying goodbye to everybody's family members who came out for this week not to mention my own kids leaving very early tomorrow morning. We'll then play Birmingham and begin to resume our regular tour schedule and routines.

So long,