London, England

Our fourth show tonight and the audiences just get better. Toward the end the whole house was on their feet, not typical of RAH houses. We've been performing a longer middle set with the inclusion of All That Matters and last night we brought back Shangri-La as one of the encores, a full show with everybody enjoying their heads off.

The big reception in London was tonight, held in the Sir Edward Elgar room of the Albert. Edward Elgar was a tremendously popular British conductor and composer in the early part of the 20th century, a regular figure at the Albert Hall whose most enduring work is Pomp and Circumstance, played at every high school graduation. I marched down the aisle and picked up my diploma to it's strain and you probably did as well. It was a fine gathering of folks, friends and fans and I was able to meet up with my Italian pals Marco and Francesca Caviglia, Valerio and Letezia Barbantini and Davide Splendore. They have all been instrumental in the organization of Pensa Day in Italy and have very graciously included me in their festivities, food and wine. It's a wonderful two days devoted to Rudy Pensa, his guitars and a live concert held each year in September. This year's event, like last year will be in Orvieto, Italy. It was also great to catch up with Terry Kilburn our friend who in his spare time from teaching school and playing guitar, organizes MK's official website, Check it out.

Tomorrow is our fifth and final day in the wonderful Royal Albert Hall.

So long,