Bergen, Norway

A picture perfect day this morning in Oslo, sunny, clear blue skies and warm enough for shorts and t-shirts. After a workout, a few of us walked toward the water where the huge cruise ships come in and ended up for some tasty sandwiches and great coffee in a little place with outdoor seating. It was good to feel the warmth of the sun again, it's been a cool spring in Europe.

We flew west this afternoon to Bergen over beautiful scenes of fjords, snow capped hills and completely frozen lakes. Bergen is a town where off shore oil is the main industry and everywhere you turn looks like a postcard. Beautiful chalet type homes cover the hills, evergreens and lakes, a real outdoor paradise for fishing and water sports. The venue was the community sports hall, sort of a high school basketball gym with a total of 5,000 standing and a very low ceiling, so the sound was tricky and the lights over the stage much lower than usual making for a very hot performance. The crowd was wonderful and the show was another good one for us.

The short flight back to Oslo was all the better for mounds of piping hot shepherd's pie. Leave it to Susi to find that in Norway! Back at the hotel it was a quick nightcap with Guy and a relatively early evening. Tomorrow we check out of Oslo, flying to Gothenburg for a show and from there into Copenhagen for the night.

So long,