Oslo, Norway

I think I've hit an energy crisis in the tour, having spent another day not leaving my hotel room. We checked in late last night and the hotel is not really up to the usual standard we've become spoiled to, so there were several rooms shifts with some moving rooms twice. There was also a hotel change threat issued for sometime this morning, but according to our tour manager this is about the best place the town has to offer so we've decided to stay put. The water out of the tap is brown, the food is mediocre and that's being generous, the maids intrusive and the whole place is generally crap. On the plus side there's free internet, allowing me to post these notes and catch up with my e-mail. Last night after a room shift, Guy rang me up and we decided that, having had a couple of nights off, it was time to have a juniper juice and tonic and a cuppa tea in his room which we did until 3:30 this morning.

Not much sleep, up at 9:30 but feeling good. Spent the day practicing, reading and a bit of computer-ing. Before long it was time for a shower then down to The Spectrum for what was probably the best gig of the tour so far. 7,400 Norwegian fans who had no problem making their way up to the front of the stage very quickly and energized us all into a 'do no wrong' show. It was rocking, focused, relaxed and in control, all in top form. By the end, the entire audience was on its feet and the evening was a complete success.

We decided that because the hotel was crap and we didn't have to catch the plane, we'd hang at the gig after the show, have a few drinks, some sandwiches and relax there. Paul C. was our DJ for the evening and it was wine and G&T's all round. Several rounds. Back at the hotel by midnight and one last nightcap backed with a cup of tea in Guy's room. It's an 11:00 meet in the lobby for Glenn, MK and myself to go off to the gym just round the corner as there's none on the premises. In the afternoon we fly to Bergen, Norway for a show tomorrow night.

So long,