Vienna, Austria

As anticipated, a slow start to the morning and certainly no gym. Ah the mighty plans, workout, a trip to Ludwid Beck's Department Store and up to their third floor that houses one of the finest jazz CD departments known to man. No, nothing. Between continuing to digest the previous night's meal and receiving some very sad news about a good friend, it was a groggy morning with the bags leaving the hotel at 11:15 and bodies leaving at 12 something for a flight to Vienna, Austria.

We arrived in Vienna mid-afternoon, checked in to our hotel and left for the venue. It was a 7:30 show tonight so a quick soundcheck, meet and greet, dinner, then on stage. Because it was an early start it was also an early finish and we were back at the hotel around 10. We gathered in MK's room for a couple of bottles of wine with Guy, Danny and I deciding to participate in the healing gin and tonics. The other dangerous element in the equation was Guy with his computer taking musical requests and downloading them from iTunes. A great idea but potentially very expensive. Guy, I owe you many euros for Beat Girl and Lonnie Donegan down loads!

It's a day off tomorrow and I hope to get to one of this fine city's museums.

So long,