Munich, Germany

Today's German lesson:

Guten morgen, guten tag, guten nacht (good morning, good day, good night)
Bitte (please) Danke (thanks)
Herr ober, ein bier bitte. Danke. (Waiter, one beer please. Thank you)

I realized that I've not made much of an effort in the way of communicating in a language other than my own. The fear of being perceived as an arrogant American made me want to learn at least a few words in the language of the country I'm visiting. So I've resolved to learn at least hello and thanks in the native tongue. We'll see how long this noble effort lasts.

We went to the Hugo Boss showroom in Stuttgart this morning. I had made myself a vow not to buy anything but succumbed to temptation leaving with a cool and whacky stage shirt and a classy and cool summer sport jacket. I got off pretty light compared to the winners of the shopping spree who have skid marks on their credit cards to prove it. Many posh suits were purchased along with shirts, shoes, t-shirts and undies! I wore my sport coat to the gig this afternoon and my new shirt on stage tonight as did everybody else including MK. From the Boss plant we went to the airport for a short flight to Munich, checked in the hotel and from there went to the venue for soundcheck, dinner, meet and greet and finally the show.

The crowd tonight was somewhat polite but won over in the end and standing right up to the front of the stage for the last few tunes. By the end of the show we felt we'd earned their appreciation. After the performance our German promoter Marek Leiberberg treated us all to a magnificent Italian dinner at Aquarello's. The finest Italian food this side of Italy. We had two different kinds of carpaccio, steak tartar, spaghetti, pasta with tomato cream sauce and lobster, and stunning desserts, all washed down with the finest of red wine, champagne and a few after dinner drinks. It was an epic meal in it's volume, preparation and taste. We all vowed to go to the gym in the morning, but it's another early luggage call and plane ride so realistically it will be a pass. The day after tomorrow is a day off and it will wait until then.

Guten nacht from Munchen.

So long,