Bremen, Germany 11 May 2013

Decamped Berlin for an hour flight to Bremen.  Our flight attendant Liz arranged for the most delicious sushi we've had in a long time, so much for curtailing the food.  With the fleet of Rovers waiting on the tarmac we were driven to OVB Arena.

A song we've not played live since our tour with Emmylou in 2006 made it's way back in the show.... I Dug Up A Diamond.  We re-worked the arrangement while in rehearsals in London but hadn't actually played it until the Bremen show.  A well played and confident show to a sold-out audience of 8,000+.

Staying in Bremen this evening where I met up with my old friend Richard Weize and his wife Birgit.  Richard is the owner and driving force of Bear Family Records.  If you're not familiar with Bear Family, it is THE premier re-issue and box set label, everything about their product is top drawer beginning with obtaining the original source material, excellent mastering, lavish coffee table style books for each set that are painstaking in their accuracy.  I've known Richard for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with him on several of their projects.  Always great seeing Birgit and Richard, especially here in Bremen just kilometres away from the home of Bear Family.  Check out their website to learn more,

As for the hotel, it is beautifully located across from a park, appropriately named The Park Hotel and is convoluted beyond description.  Not even sure if I can explain it but I'll take a crack.  My room is 524.  Every particle of logic says once in the lift press 5.  There is no fifth floor.  Instead one must go to the 3rd floor, walk half way round the hotel's corridors to a second lift going down to the 1st floor which only this lift can deposit you on.  There on the 1st floor are a block of rooms in the 500 sequence.  It is so incredible that I cannot conceive the layout.  It has all the elements of an Escher creation come to life.  Next is a key carded door that is so complicated even the people who come up to show how it's done cannot operate the goddamn thing.  There is no information anywhere in this room that tells you how to ring down to the desk or room service.  Believe me, I turned the room upside down looking.  Nothing on the desk, in the drawers, on the phone.... nada.  This means getting dressed, going to reception via the above mentioned circuitous route and asking what number to dial for a cup of coffee in the room.  While I was down there, I also brought my computer which would not log on to whatever internet service they have.  After much fiddling and head scratching they got me logged on and suggested it would probably be best if I just stayed online at any site so it wouldn't log out.  Pissed?  You bet.  Still, the rooms are large with one wall of glass doors that open onto the park.  After my coffee arrived things started looking a little rosier.

Sunday is Mother's Day in the States.  Here's wishing my wife, daughter and all moms a good one.

So long,