Antwerp, Belgium 12 May 2013

Having shaken off the inconvenient '70s-era eccentricities of our hotel in Bremen, I zipped up the bags and we were off to the Legacy and another hour flight to Antwerp.

It was Sportpaleis tonight, our usual venue in Antwerp, completely sold to the rafters... all the way up in the nose bleed section and nearly around to the back of the stage.  Our good friend and brilliant guitar player, John Jorgenson, happened to be in town on tour and came to see us with his friend Sondra.  John is a titan of the guitar, has been for years and plays so many different styles it's humbling.  He also happens to be a great clarinet player and one of the nicest guys on the face of the planet.  Glenn, Jim and I had a good visit with him backstage and it's always great seeing someone you know, both of you in a totally different setting.

The usual report on the show and as we were standing backstage deciding whether an encore was going to happen, the audience was deafening.  It didn't take long to figure out we we're going back for another tune or two.  Thank you Antwerp.  Thanks also to friends of mine who very kindly brought a magnum of the delicious Belgium brewed Duval.  This will be chilled and shared on the next night flight.

Tonight's runner was not a flight but a drive, about 90 minutes from Antwerp to Amsterdam where we'll spend the night, enjoy a day off and play on the 14th.

So long,