Leaning Into Autumn

Hello to all from Nashville,


It was difficult saying goodbye to Mark & Co. last month as we wrapped up the 2015 tour but it sure was good coming home again.  I took the whole of November off, catching up with everything and everyone.  There was a mountain of mail that had piled up over the course of the tour that required dispatching as well as a few chores and errands.  The November weather in Nashville has been unseasonably mild and we’ve taken advantage of that, b.b.q.;s, walks and getting the house winterised.  Our daughter and her children came to visit the middle of the month and stayed through our Thanksgiving holiday when her husband came to join us for a few days as well.  We were all gathered around the table for the holiday dinner along with two beer can chickens (if you don’t know… google it) and all the trimmings.


Following Thanksgiving I went back to work (if you can call it that) playing on a duet album with the wonderful Shawn Colvin and my old friend Steve Earle.  They’ve been touring together for several months, have written some good songs, chosen a few cool cover tunes and their voices blend so well, they really sound great together.  My friend and brilliant musician Buddy Miller produced the record at his studio.  We recorded 14 sides in five days all of it live with only a few repairs here and there.  The album, as yet untitled, will be out this coming spring on Concord Records.  I’d never worked with Shawn before, but Steve and I go back many years.  He reminded me that an album we did together, Guitar Town, is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary next year and I go back even further with him than that.  These numbers are getting a little frightening.  Anyway, we all had a great time this week recording a very cool record.


I’ve been doing some writing and hope to get in and bet a start on a new album for myself here in December and then… here comes Christmas.


I hope this finds you well and leaning into autumn.




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