Contrary Cocktail Arrives

Hello all,

It’s here…Contrary Cocktail. Feel free to overindulge. Click the category links to listen to excerpts of each tune, read about what this record is and isn’t and also write a review. I’m very pleased to have this new album out at last; it’s the latest box of chocolates and I hope you enjoy it.

Along with the Contrary Cocktail comes this years big tour with Mark Knopfler. Looking forward to seeing everyone, working up a new show then taking it out on the road and playing it live. This tour’s running from May through October spanning the U.K., Europe and North America. As always, I’ll be sending Notes From The Road again although I’m not sure if the postings will be daily as they’ve been in past. I haven’t decided yet and will see how it goes once we’re in the flow of the tour, but I’ll definitely be posting some notes.

Finally, the world always needs more Leadbelly. A few months ago Smithsonian Folkways released a 5-CD/Book simply called Leadbelly:The Smithsonian Folkways Collection. Beautifully remastered, including previously unreleased recordings and radio programmes, essays and overviews of his importance as an artist and his broad musical legacy as well as photographs not published until now. It’s a great addition to any collection and a perfect introduction if you’re not already familiar with Leadbelly. He sang like a force of nature and played his mighty 12-string guitar like a rolling freight train. I’ve been devouring this.

All right, watch for Notes From The Road and check out Contrary Cocktail.

More to come soon,