No Place Like Home

Time to pack the road notes away to the archives and resume the notes from home.  It's very good being back home, four months is a long time to be away no matter how much fun you're having.  As mentioned in my last post, my wife picked me up from the airport having flown all day and then some from London to New York and finally to Nashville and we went directly to that bar and grill for steaks and martinis.  A perfect re-entry.  By the middle of the following day my bags were unpacked, clothes put away and the suitcases back up on the closet shelf.  Life picked up as before with next to no jet lag.

Nashville along with much of the mid-west and south is experiencing heavy rains for the last week, every day another large front moves through.  Very dangerous flash flooding has occurred through many states.  Just 20 miles north of us the city of Madison got 7" in one afternoon.  We've been luckier here in our area to not have been hit quite so hard and while it is very soggy we've not had a problem with flooding.  When the sun occasionally does break through with 90 degrees, the humidity is tropical, actually hard to breath for so much moisture in the air.  The grass which by this point in the summer are dusty and brown are bright green and thriving with all the water.

Part of coming home after so many months is facing a large box of mail that has accumulated... a daunting task that I undertook this past week.  One of several bright spots in that box was a package from my pal and brilliant guitar player Steve Hunter.  It was his brand new CD and I've been enjoying it a lot.  It's called The Manhattan Blues Project and it's a wonderfully melodic and moody album with a number of guest appearances, including actor Johnny Depp, great music.  Check it out here:

Hope your summer's going well.


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