Labour Day

Hope all you Yanks had a good Labour Day weekend.  We certainly did down here in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our son come back to the States after living and working in London for five months and we had a holiday/welcome-home barbecue in his honour and because that's what everybody does on Labour Day.  Still, it is a very serious day to commemorate the people and their struggle for proper representation, fair pay and fair hours at the work place.  A hard won struggle that many gave their lives for and still continues today as our country seems bent on the destruction of the organised labour movement.  I'm a union man.  Here's to them.

After several weeks of cooling my heals after the tour, I returned to work in earnest last week playing on Miranda Lambert's new album.  It was like going from 0 to 120 miles per in an instant.  Over the course of the week we recorded 14 or 15 new songs with Miranda and I'm very happy to have been part of her records from the very first one through this, her fifth.  I've also been recording this week with the wonderful Alison Krauss. have enjoyed that very much and I think there's more to come.

I just wanted to clear something up that appeared in this morning's USA Today in an article about new music being released this autumn.  In the number one slot is the album I played on for Sheryl Crow called Feels Like Home.  The article lists me as one of the producers.  I very proudly played on the whole record but I was not involved as a producer on that record.  In any case, it's a great album by a tremendous artist and well worth a listen.

It's nice being home again but before long the bags are coming down again as we head off for a few dates with Mark at the end of October.  It's the shortest tour ever, all of 5 shows... Los Angeles, Long Beach, Las Vegas and two shows in Oakland.  Looking forward to seeing the boys again.

It's the gateway to autumn, time to throw the windows wide and manhandle a rake.


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