Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 9 October 2012

I didn't fall asleep until 6 this morning, the dawn seeping in through the edges of the curtains.  I made the fatal mistake of dozing for the final hour of last night's bus ride and was wide awake when we arrived in Edmonton.  At some point around 5:30 I began thinking of going down to the gym and getting my workout in, then trying to get some sleep.  I did manage to drop off for about 3 hours then got up for the rest of the day.

I opened the curtains to see the beautiful view of the trees in fall colour and once again the rolling Saskatchewan River out my window.  I immediately recalled this hotel from previous visits. This old turn of the century hostelry opened it's doors in 1915 as the Macdonald Hotel and is now part of the Fairmont chain.  Fixed a coffee, checked the e-mail then went to the gym.  After a shower I still had two hours before bus call so headed out the door and found a Vietnamese sandwich shop.  A lemon grass chicken sandwich and cup of jasmine tea was just what the doc ordered and took me through until dinner tonight at the venue.

Tonight's show was at Rexall Palace, the home of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.  Our dressing room was their home team's and I speculated how much blood had been spilled on that floor over the years. As for the gig, we had loads of technical problems tonight, none of which really hampered the show but kept our crew on their tows and scrambling. It's a testimony to both them and us that we never missed a beat and I doubt anyone knew the difference with the exception of those on stage.

An after-show change of clothes and glass of wine then back on the buses for a 200 mile drive to Calgary where we play tomorrow.  Indian food along for the ride as well as gin and tonics courtesy again of G. Fletcher.  Arriving at the civilised hour of 1 this morning, I hope to log a few more hours sleep than last night and am off to do that very thing.

So long,