Calgary, Albert, Canada 10 Oct 2012

Though we'd arrived at a reasonable hour last night, I'd slept the last 40 minutes of the bus ride in from Edmonton and it wasn't 'til the wee hours I was able to get to sleep.  I managed to stay down until  9:30 this morning which is very good for me.  Opened the curtains and stared straight into another corner of our hotel and a shaft between.  I managed to see enough of the sky to know it was cold and grey.  A perfect alignment to stay indoors.  I ordered the continental breakfast, read the Daily Globe and Mail, fiddled around on the computer and enjoyed a day of solitued.

An earlier than usual bag call and check out, delivering us to the famed Saddledome by 3:30 this afternoon.  I made a beeline for catering and the remnants of lunch, a fantastic rocket and tomato salad and baked chicken breast with pesto.  That followed by loads of hanging out while Bob's band sound checked.  Finally it was our turn and we spun through three songs before it was time to open the house.

After the show we changed, packed and made our way to the vans that drove us to the airport and our private jet, an Embrear Legacy 500.  After many nights in a row on the bus, we were all very grateful to be back on that plane.  Our flight attendant is Amy and she is great.  Tonght's dinner was loads of fresh, delicious sushi and ribs.  By the time the ribs arrived I was full up with sushi and passed on the ribs.

We arrived in Vancouver about 10:30 in the evening.  Mike and John off to see some mates who are playing here in town.  It's a day off tomorrow in Vancouver and I am off to bed.

So long,