Toronto, Canada 14 Nov. 2012

Beautiful, sunny morning here in Toronto... up early, the curtains open to let it all in.  Got the Nespresso coffee machine fired up in the room and it makes a pretty good cup of coffee, an acceptable jump start.  Whatever was bugging my back is a memory so I no longer have an excuse to shirk the gym which is conveniently located on the same floor of the hotel as my room.  Best gym goes to Toronto, fantastic, all brand new equipment and plenty of it. By half past 11 I was back in the room and ready for something to eat.  I remembered a great little diner called Flo's just in the area and set out to find it.  A splendid breakfast served all day and the coffee was good as well, fresh and strong, able to stand up to a little creme and sugar.  Flo's Diner, highly recommended is on Yorkville near Bay Street. Following my plate of scrambled eggs and peameal bacon, I walked around the city for a couple of miles before heading back to the hotel.

Tonight's show was at the Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team.  A cold and cavernous arena but the sound on stage was fantastic, really made you feel like playing.  Our 70 minute set flew by as it always does and the whole place was on it's feet at the end.  Thanks Toronto.  Back in the dressing room Pete Mackay had arranged a large spread of Indian food that was soon inhaled, really delicious.

Back at the hotel for a nightcap or two with the boys.  Tomorrow's another day off.

So long,