Montreal, Quebec 16 Nov 2012

A couple of cups of Nespresso coffee in the room then out the door for one last wander in Toronto. After another coffee out, I ended up back at a fabulous record shoppe just below Flo's Diner called Grigorian with it's fantastic selection of classical, jazz and world music.  By sheer luck and the help of a listening kiosk in the store, I stumbled onto the fabulous new album by Sara Watkins called Sun Midnight Sun. One of the best things I've heard in a while, pop-folk, great songs, terrific singing and very cool production.  Got back to the hotel in time to pack the bags and check out of Toronto.

Traffic to the airport was stiff but Jason got us there for the short flight to Montreal.  We managed to get a 20 minute sound check tonight, not really enough but we made due.  A quick stop at catering, change clothes and on stage. Tonight's arena was the Bell Centre, nearly sold out and the audience was ace, it was like one of our audiences. People knew the songs and were singing along.... a fantastic crowd, they couldn't have been better to us.  Although, I find it difficult to think they enjoyed the show any more than we did.  We're heading into the final four shows now and all feeling a little bittersweet about it ending.  The upside is we get to do it all again beginning next April when once more we'll be doing our regular headlining tour and full length shows.  Can't wait.

Following the gig, it was back to the Legacy for our last flight of the tour... the remainder will be by bus.  Dianne had the most incredible Indian food, we could not stop eating it.  The only thing that put an end to it was we were landing in Boston.  A fond farewell and thanks to Dianne and crew.  

Yes, tomorrow is another day off.  No plans apart from the gym a walk in The Commons and dinner with a friend.

So long,