Brooklyn, New York 21 Nov 2012

Our final day and show of the tour was at The Barclay Center in Brooklyn with a large and enthusiastic audience in attendance.  Mark K. and Co. in tremendous form and savouring our last time playing together for a few months.

Last days are transitional, everyone looking back to the first days of rehearsals, the good days out touring, the journey leading to the end and a job well done.  At the same time anticipating being with loved ones again and sleeping in our own beds.  

We've made many friends in Dylan's camp over these last two tours, everyone was great... the caterers, management and Bob's band... all good folks and we'll miss them.  It was also a day of farewell to our own brilliant guys, the best in the biz, who make our show happen every night.  If it was left to the band to move the gear, set-up the stage and deal with electrical emergencies.... let's face it, there wouldn't be a show that night or any other.  Thanks to you all and we look forward to next April. To Paul Crockford, Tim Hook and Pete Mackay, the guys responsible for moving the band around and management, my thanks and love.  Everyone has made our lives as care free as possible so we can arrive at each venue and focus on playing the shows each night.

I've earned my living as a professional musician since the late 1960s and can honestly say this is the best bunch of musicians and guys I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  We all gathered last night after the show for a parting glass and fond farewells.  To Mark, Guy, Jim, Glenn, Ian, Mike and John go my deepest respect and love.  The leave- taking is made easier this time knowing we'll be back together making music and laughing our heads off in just a few months again.

So this will be the last of the road notes for a little while.  I'll go back to posting the occasional Nashville up-dates from here.  Thanks for tagging along and until the next time.....

So long,