Cologne, Germany

Opened my eyes this morning thinking that I must get some coffee and put an hour or so in at the gym before lobby call. I rolled over, looked at the clock and it said 13:30, 1:30! Lobby call was an hour away! I did get a pot of coffee sent up and a shower and that was that. Lobby, Legacy and Koln, our final date in Germany.

Tonight's gig was the Willy Brandt Arena and we packed over 11,00 people in, it felt like an old time rock gig. Even though it was a seated audience it had the feel of a stand-up. An unbelievable audience...fabulous. It was a great show from our side of the stage as well. A farewell to Germany as this is our last gig in that country. At this point in the tour we're beginning to experience firsts and lasts, wrapping up some countries while beginning others. Germany has been particularly warm and enthusiastic this time and we'll not forget it.

A runner back to Brussels after the show, a couple of drinks in the the fab bar downstairs then a cuppa tea in Guy's room.

So long,