Sonderborg, Denmark

A fond farewell to the U.K. for this tour and back aboard the Legacy to Sonderborg, Denmark. Located in the south just above Germany, Sonderborg is home to the Augustenborg Castle, residence of the royals who ruled on this Danish island. The castle has been converted to a hospital and it was on the green in the rear of the palace that our show took place. A very warm day for the crew, all in various states of undress, many wearing hats and sunscreen to block the rays and some having a refreshing swim in the lake.

We arrived in time for a quick sound check, dinner, meet and greet then the show. By the time we took the stage it had cooled and was a beautiful evening for a show...our first outdoor gig of this tour. We were all still feeling the strain of doing 20 shows in 23 days, but when we got the first song started and saw that crowd of 14,000 folks having a good time, we weren't tired anymore. Great audience, great show.

A runner back to the Legacy for a short hop to Brussels where we will base for the next few nights.

So long,