London, England

Once again we share the stage for a couple of songs with Joe Brown. We're thrilled he keeps coming back, he seems to be having a great time as well. Unfortunately for us he's got a gig up in Liverpool tomorrow night and will miss the closing night's show. We've become very proficient playing his Picture Of You! Another good show and audience, RAH feels like home. Notable apart from that was the spectacular spread caterers Angus McKinnon, Chris Desmond and Steve Ricalis laid out. Three entrees that were so good I could not decide among them and sampled all! Skewers of monkfish and prawns in a spicy Thai marinade, sliced pork loin in a spicy Asian sauce and mouth watering grilled lamb cutlets, all cooked to perfection. As for dessert, it was a tough choice between fresh strawberries and cream, hot rice pudding and banoffee pie. The later is a stunning concoction of fresh sliced bananas, in a rich toffee and cream custard atop a thick, baked, buttered graham cracker crumb crust. Indecision reigned again so I had them all. It's a very good thing I don't eat this way all the time but could sure get used to it.

So long,