London, England

Night four we were surprised and so pleased to have Joe Brown return and join us on stage to play a couple more tunes. Joe is the missing link between Lonnie Donegan and the Beatles, a show business legend here in the U.K. I've been practising my 'scissors' stroke that he showed Guy and I the other night on ukulele and am now determined to master it. Very tricky, one of those things that takes quite a lot of concentration to get yet sounds best when not thought about. In short, loads of practice until it becomes mindless. Our tour ends July 31st and I hope to have it together by then. It's a device that was used extensively by another U.K. legend of the 30's and 40's, George Formby who was a master of the banjo uke. I've never been able to figure out how it was accomplished until Joe showed us the other night. Cheers Joe.

So long,