Oslo, Norway

A brilliantly clear and warm Sunday in Oslo. It was a short drive from our hotel to the Spectrum for tonight's show.

Attending tonight's meet and greet was Oivin Fjeld, creator of the G-Sharp Guitar. We met Oivin a couple of years ago when he presented Mark with one of these wonderful instruments and this evening I was very pleased to accept one he'd brought for me. The G-Sharp is a solid body instrument that is about half the size of a traditional guitar, manufactured and finished to the highest standard, has a very special sounding pick up and plays beautifully. It is tuned higher than standard, from high to low is: G#-D#-B-F#-C#-G# hence it's name "G-Sharp". The body has an amazing resonance and I plan to make some good use of this instrument when I get back to my recording work. Funnily enough, over the last couple of years I've been listening to a wonderful record album by the brilliant George Barnes, recorded in 1959 called Guitar In Velvet. On that album he uses an instrument not dissimilar, only tuned up another half step to A. This instrument eventually went into limited production by Guild Guitars as one of two George Barnes models, it too having a small body. To learn more about the G-Sharp Guitar go to: www.g-sharpguitar.com Thanks Oivin.

The Spectrum is our usual place to play in Oslo and it's all very familiar when we come to these venues time and again. Tonight's show began at 7:30, the audience was 6,600 plus, absolutely stellar and the gig got a thumbs up all round from the band, loads of fun and great playing at every turn. Another night to remember in Oslo. Our usual runner from the stage but because the show began so early, we found ourselves back at the hotel before 10 o'clock! So it was a relaxed evening in MK's room where we killed several bottles of wine over a couple of hours and had more than a few laughs.

So long,