Copenhagen, Denmark

We always look forward to days off like yesterday and generally try to do the right thing with them, make something of the day, have an early dinner and an early night....recharge. The problem is, my clock is now set to show mode and getting to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning. I had no problem going to sleep early it's just that I woke up a little past midnight ready to take on the world. Tossed, turned and read 'til 4 something then finally got a few more hours sleep. Still, I feel very rested and ready to move along to Copenhagen for tonight's show.

We all checked out of our sublimely strange hotel in Verona with mixed feelings about the experience. It was one of the most accommodating places we've been, fab service, but the over the top decor at every turn, nook and cranny is just not up my alley. As mentioned earlier, even the rooms were completely tricked out, not a restful place to be. Still, it left a serious impression on us all, one we won't forget. As for me, I'm going out on a limb and announcing a winner for my end of tour best/worst list. Although in neither category, I declare the Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista the STRANGEST hostelry, nothing could come close.

We board the Legacy to begin a 3-in-1, Verona-Copenhagen-Oslo. Tonight's show is at our old standby venue the Forum, memorable for it's patchwork of brightly coloured seats; yellow, red, blue, green, randomly thrown together.... like the hotel we just left. The reason being the venue was used for taping rock shows and very often the place was not full, but because of the mixed colours of the empty seats, on camera it gave the illusion of a full house. Empty seats was not an issue last night, a full house of 6,500 turned out for what I though was a great show. The Danish audiences are different than those of Spain and Italy, every bit as appreciative but more reserved and it was a seated house. It was an odd front row, all middle age blokes, only about three women. There's no telling how much beer was consumed by that front row and they all seemed to know each other, but there was an endless procession in and out for more of the golden stuff, oceans of it. Funny what one takes note of while playing in front of thousands of people.

At the end of the show we all took our bows to a thunderous ovation and quickly drove away in our fleet of Mercedes to re-board the Legacy and arrive in Oslo before midnight. John, Dan and I were graciously hosted by our luminescence of luxury, Guy for sounds and drinks in his room followed by a cuppa tea. I took myself off to bed at the comfortable hour of 3. That's more like it.

So long,