Nantes, France

Left Paris for a short flight to Nantes and tonight's venue, another Zenith. A great 6000+ audience, floor standing, seated all round the perimeter. Everything is such a joy to play and we simply amble on stage to partake and participate in each night's adventure in music. I've been a professional musician for over 40 years and must say this is the most joyful and stress free playing I've ever been involved in. The audience hung on every word and note, then exploded in appreciation at the end of each song.

A runner back to Paris with strong tail winds cutting the one hour journey by half. With little time for the meal to be laid properly, steward Guy and stewardess Alex served up Thai chicken curry and beef in wine straight out of the restaurant containers. The food was fab and all the better for the lack of presentation and watching Guy and Alex scuttle up and down the cabin.

Back at the hotel and a quick night-cap with Danny and Guy along with some Lightnin' Slim, Guitar Gable, Beatles and Dock Boggs on the hi-fi.

So long,