Toulouse, France

The Olympic torch came through Paris this afternoon and it was wisely decided to leave earlier than planned for the airport to avoid traffic and street closure. The torch would pass just by our hotel and I would have loved to see runner and flame but not this time. As it happened my son Nick simply walked round the corner and saw it.

We arrived in Toulouse after a short flight and were driven to tonight's gig, Zenith. The crew was all smiles, pleased by a venue that didn't present the challenges of the last couple shows. Our friends Bap Kennedy and James Walbourne will be opening tonight and it was good to catch up with them. Bap's a wonderful songwriter and singer who's opened previously and James is a star guitar player who always finds just the right thing to play behind Bap and never fails to knock our socks off.

Another sold out show, standing on the floor seating all round. A listening audience while each song was performed then erupting in appreciation. This venue sounds very good and our in-ear mix was like listening to a record, courtesy of monitor mixer Kerry Lewis. I know these are still early days of the tour, but I would have to nominate tonight's performance as the best yet, everybody playing at the top of their game, thoroughly relaxed from the first song to the last. An amazing bunch of musicians that I'm honoured to play with.

A runner to the plane where Alex had platters of brilliant Lebanese food for the flight back to Paris then a quick night-cap back at the hotel to end the day.

So long,