Glasgow, Scotland

The hotel in Glasgow wanted us out at noon today. The powers that be negotiated a 2 o'clock departure and so it was. We arrived at the venue much earlier than usual. We arrived at the venue at 3 an it was a bee line to catering for lunch and a couple of cups of tea then I found an unused dressing room to practise out of my Johnny Smith Guitar Method book. Shortly after John and Heidi McCusker arrived with their new baby Molly Mae. Soon everyone was gathered around cooing and making faces at Molly.

Before long it was time for sound check and run a few tunes with our special guest, Phil Cunningham the great Scot accordion player. Phil played on MK's new record and was in town for tonight's show.

Back to catering for a great dinner of lamb curry, a little more practise then time to take the stage.

Tonight's venue was the SECC with a capacity crowd of nearly 6,000. The band only gets better as do the shows and having Phil along for a few of the tunes was a real treat. What a show, what an audience.

A runner to Newcastle where we'll spend the next couple of nights. The rest of the driving crew met us there, Eike, Gunther and Bob. Most of us gatherd in the bar downstairs after check in for several drinks and loads of laughs.

So long,