Newcastle, England...22 May 2010

What a day!  The weather in the U.K. has been perfect since we arrived last week, sunny and unseasonably warm...even in Scotland.  Today in Newcastle was no exception.  A bright blue sky and temps in the 80s.  The sun came beaming in the window early and after a jump start cup of coffee and toast I turned myself out into the day.  Walked for ages along the Tyne River dotted with hotels and seemed like the entire city was out in various stages of undress taking in the Quayside sunshine.  No doubt there are plenty of folks in shades of pink tonight. 

I was nearly back at our hotel when I bumped into Mike McGoldrick who was heading to the city centre where I'd just been.  So, it was off again for another hour of sun, a brouse through Fenwick's clothing store and a cup of coffee with Mike.  We got back to the hotel with just enough time for a quick shower then off to the gig.

Since 1996 we have always played the City Hall here in Newcastle, a very intimate theatre, but tonight's venue was the Arena.  6,500 Geordie's to see their hometown hero..the largest audience we've played to so far on this tour.  I think loads of folks had been wanting to see MK over the years but couldn't get tickets to the City Hall shows due to the size.  They all came out tonight for a great gig, MK and Co. in grand form.  The band just keeps getting better and better, year after year, night after night.  It's an honour to share the stage with musicians of this caliber.

It was the first night we didn't do a runner after the show, opting instead for a large reception at the venue for family and friends of Mark's who, over the years, have become friends of ours as well and it was good seeing them all again. 

We made it back to our hotel and the splendid bar downstairs and gathered around for a night cap or two.  What a day!