Bournemouth, England...28 May, 2010

To Bournemouth in cars this afternoon. Getting out of London took forever and there seemed be traffic took nearly three hours to get there. I rode with John McCusker and Mike McGoldrick and we listened to Heidi Talbot's new album that John produced and Mike played on. Heidi's a brilliant singers and this new album is her best, the playing and arrangements are so good and it will be available in the autumn.

At last, we arrived at the Bournemouth International Centre where we've played a couple of time in the past. I specifically remember it from my first tour with MK in 1996. The capacity crowd of 4,200 was a great audience, all standing by the end.

Show over, it was into the cars for the drive back to London. Mike played dj for the trip and we listened to an amazing array of music including a couple of cuts from the new album by Elbow, a Manchester band who now happen to be my new favourite band. The ride back faster and we arrived at the hotel around midnight.

Tomorrow's a day off before we commence our Albert Hall shows. I will drag myself off to the gym, do a bit of shopping and plan to have dinner with an friend.

So long,