London, England...30 May, 2010

Saturday was a day off and I was up early for the usual pummelling in the gym.  A tiny space with a few machines and weights but if you're creative you can get the job done.  The problem is if another person is in the room, you end up stepping over each other.  Anyway, it'll do.  A shower and a walk up the high street for lunch, a delicious plate of fried noodles and veg at Wagamama, followed by a stop at H&M clothes store.  Spent a good chunk of the afternoon with a guitar in hand and in the early evening met up with an good friend for an Italian meal and drinks.

Today was wonderfully clear and mild in London which I took as a directive to get a sandwich and coffee then find a bench in Hyde Park and devour it...the food not the bench.  Back to the hotel for a little more practise, pack my bag and off to Albert Hall for the first of our six night residency there.

I've played there so many times now that I know my way around her pretty well and feel right at home there.  That's not to say I am complacent about it in any way.  There are certain venues that are tremendously special and always keep you on your toes, Royal Albert Hall is one of them.  I first played there in the 1970's with Neil Diamond and have returned numerous times with MK and it never fails to take my breath away.  Tonight's show was an absolute to bottom.  Everyone in full control of their game, nice and relaxed and enjoying every minute of the two hours on stage.  It was a great audience...with us every step of the way.

Now that the first night jitters are behind, we'll settle very comfortably into the next five shows at the Albert and its already begun to feel like old home week.

So long,