Leipzig, Germany...19 June, 2010

Having an early night to bed has it's drawbacks.  I was up, wide awake and ready to go at 5:30 this morning.  Had a continental breakfast sent up, drank the coffee and puttered 'til 8 when I went to the gym.  By 9:30 I was back in the room, knackered.  Finished what was left on my breakfast tray and went back to bed for a couple of hours.  Got up, packed the bag for pick up, had a shower, checked out and started the drive to our flight.

As we were approaching the airport in Berlin, road manager Tim Hook received a call from our pilot saying there had been an airplane crash and all flights, arriving and departing, had been temporarily suspended.  A DC-3 excursion flight had taken off, had engine problems and two miles out turned back around to land.  It never made the runway and crashed on the perimeter of the airport.  A discussion was held about driving to our show in Leipzig which would take 2 hours and put us there in plenty of time, but shortly we got word that flights were resuming and we had a take off slot.  We sat on the plane waiting to leave in a sombre mood.  On take off we could see the downed plane, one wing snapped off on impact and loads of emergency vehicles around it.

We arrived at the arena in Leipzigs in time for a full soundcheck and shortly after heard the good news that all passengers and  the crew survived the DC-3 accident, several were in hospital but no serious injuries.  It was a great relief knowing there was no fatalities.

Over 7,000 wonderful fans and another remarkable show in Leipzig followed by a runner to the Legacy, a flight to Dusseldorf and check in at the hotel where we'll base for the next three days.  When I walked in my room the phone rang, it was Guy F. on the other end saying the music and kettle were both on.  Three cups of tea later and some great music by Iron and Wine, Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant, Lonnie Johnson and Andrew Byrd, I went back to my room at the still respectable hour of 2.

So long,