Koln, Germany...20 June, 2010

I didn't fully fall asleep until 6 this morning, consequently slept most of the morning away 'til just past 11. My hotel room has Nespresso automatic espresso maker, you simply drop in a coffee cartridge, place a cup beneath the spigot, press a button and it makes a very acceptable cup of coffee. I jump-started my heart with three of them and sat down on the couch with my guitar and practised all afternoon. As you can tell from these notes, I'm doing a great deal of that this trip and really enjoying the time spent playing. I was so caught up in it that I looked up at the clock and I had exactly 10 minutes to get dressed, pack my bag for the gig and be down in the lobby. I made it but, just barely.

We drove about 40 minutes to Lanxess Arena in Koln. This venue seats over 10,000 and weve played it before. A quick sound check and dinner followed by the show. I didn't see an empty seat in the house and it was another great German audience and show. As we walked off the stage for the final time, the roar of the crowd was almost too much to take, absolutely deafening.

A runner back to Dusseldorf and a couple of beers, cups of tea and sounds in Guy's room. Hopefully a good night's sleep tonight and tomorrow is a day off.

So long,