Mannheim, Germany...23 June, 2010

5:30 a.m....awake, wide awake.  Right, let's just confirm that with 2 espressos.  Yep, really wide awake now.  I was in the gym by 6:30 this morning working up a storm and back in the room by 8, drenched and ravenous.  I ordered up eggs, toast, coffee and juice and devoured it all, read the paper, played guitar and packed my bag for a pre-noon pick up.  Cleaned up and checked out, bidding a fond farewell to Dusseldorf, a great city.

We took the train today to Mannheim, don't know why we didn't drive, but it was a comfortable, efficient and smooth 2 hour journey.  At one point I looked out the window and thought, we're really clipping along.  About that time Matt returned from the WC where there was a screen with the speed posted, we were going 300 kilometers or nearly 200 miles per hour. 

We arrived at the venue just past 4 in the afternoon and everything had stopped to watch England vs. Slovenia in the World Cup.  All the crew and now the band were in catering watching the big screen.  At half time everyone scurried back to the stage and we did a VERY quick sound check, then back to catering to watch the second half.  England won 1-0 and a huge cheer went up.

Meantime, due to my early rising, I was beginning to flag...very tired.  Never got a nap and was completely knackered for tonight's show.  I tried a strong espresso, but that didn't do much.  Still, once I got on stage with the band I felt fine again.  The SAP Arena was sold out, nearly 10,000 great people and another well played show.

We piled in the cars at the end of the gig and drove about an hour to Stuttgart where we will stay tonight and play tomorrow.

So long,