Stuttgart, Germany...24 June,2010

A good night's sleep and I felt much better than I have in the last few days.  A pot of coffee and some stale bread sent to the room.  This hotel receives 0 Lux'm, the measurement of luxury on the ITLO Scale (In The Lap Of).  It's a tired old 60s place, the operative word being tired.  Once more I whittled away about three hours playing guitar, on a serious practicing jag and have made some good headway and a couple of big discoveries.  I've not been this anxious to have a guitar in my hands since I was first learning.  Second childhood I suppose.

I did venture out for a walk about 2 o'clock, but the hotel is located in an odd area, no shoppes to speak of, so it was back to the room, pack, shower and down to the gig.

Schleyerhalle was tonight's venue, capacity nearly 10,000 and our usual venue in Stuttgart.  Another fab German audience and a great show from MK and Co.

A runner back to the hotel.  Tomorrow it's on to Munich.

So long,