Amsterdam, Holland...29 June, 2010

For starters, the name of the great restaurant in Prague we ate in Sunday night was, U Morde Kachnicky located at Nebovidska 6.  It scored high in my book and everyone else seemed to love it as well.

I threw myself out of the hotel and into the street for a walk this afternoon.  The city is loaded with tourists at the many people.  Still, it was great walking along the canals, restaurants and coffee shops with the smell of hashish and pot lingering round the door ways.

The second of three shows tonight at Music Hall.  It's basically a large open floor with tiered seating in the rear only.  They cram as many as possible in standing and fill the seats as well.  The place holds 5,500, but whose to say how many were in there.  It was jam packed and you couldn't have slid an envelope in.  Great show, great crowd.  I never take this for granted, none of us do.  We all go out there and play like it was the first night of the tour, always striving to do better.

A quick drink back at the hotel and an early night.

So long,