Amsterdam, Holland...30 June, 2010

A late beginning this morning...past noon to be exact. A couple of espressos courtesy of the Krupps machine in room, then off to the gym. Not exactly, as the gym in the hotel is being re-done and not yet open, so for now it is room 250 consisting of a treadmill, stationery bike and two sets of hand weights, 3 and 5 kgs. Fairly useless, but I hopped on the mill and at least got my heart going for the day.

I'd missed breakfast but remembered a great little omelette and pancake cafe just across the canal when we stayed at this hotel in 2005. I walked over and there it was, Badero's Cafe. By now the sun had come out after a cloudy morning and I took a table outside at the canal's edge. It was nearly 2 o'clock and they'd already stopped serving hot drinks, beer or soda only. No argument from me, I ordered a cold, tall Amstel and kaas & champignons omelette (cheese and mushroom). I remember the omelettes being incredible and when it arrived I was not disappointed. Nothing fancy, just perfectly cooked, crispy edges, wonderful cheese...nothing could have been better. I've gone on about the fab meals we've had on this tour, but I don't think I've enjoyed any as much as that omelette. I sat there for an hour at the tree lined canal, across the street a building dating back to 1663 of brick so brown, it looked black with white marble trim and carved angels atop. On the ground floor of that building was the City Hall 'coffee shop', one of hundreds selling beer, hash and weed. A cat wandered in and out of the doorway of Badero's unfazed by the bikes and tourists that passed. A better hour whiled away I cannot recall. It reminded me of a line in an old song...I'm glad that I'm living and lucky to be.

Back to Music Hall tonight for the final show of our three day run. It was packed again with a wonderful audience and it's been a great residency in Amsterdam.

A runner back to the hotel followed by a few beers with Dan, Guy, tour managers Pete, Tim, Paul and his wife Ellen and one of our drivers Bernie at a bar not far from the hotel.

A day off tomorrow here in Amsterdam, I already hear Badero's calling.

So long,