London, England

A day off yesterday in London with my wife who joined me here for a few days.

This morning it was in the gym then off for a walk round Regents Park before heading to Wembley Arena for our one and only London show. I'd always heard about this venue but never attended a gig or played here. A cavernous and echoey place, one of those venues that makes you glad to have 'in ear' monitors which delivers the band sound while blocking out much of the hall's echo. I think it was a great show judging from the audience reactions and that of so many people we spoke with afterward. At times it felt a little difficult on stage, perhaps due to the sound of the gig and/or a show following a day off and/or a hometown gig. Although I'm American, I still feel Britain is home.

There was a large reception after the show, a very noisy affair with hundreds of friends that came to say hello. The room it was held in, glass and concrete floor to ceiling and the volume of noise was absolute cacophony. Still, it was a great time and a fun gig in London.

Tomorrow we de-camp and make our way north to Manchester.

So long,