Frankfurt, Germany

Yesterday was one of those three cities and a gig day (Verona, Rotterdam, Frankfurt), maybe that had something to do with being so completely knackered after the show. When we got to our hotel in Frankfurt last night I'd fully intended to pop over to Guy's room for a drink and some sounds with the boys, instead I packed it in by 12:30 and slept straight through until 9:30 this morning! I had some coffee sent to the room then walked about a mile to Switzerstrasse, a main shopping street to pick up a few things and back to the hotel for a workout in the gym, a lie in the sun, shower, pack, check out and off to Festhalle, our venue for tonight's show.

The miracle of electricity transformed tonight's meet and greet. After nearly a hundred m&g's with the acoustic National Hawaiian guitar, I plugged up the Rickenbacher electric steel and instantly updated our group a full decade into the 1930's and late 30's at that! It was a large group of folks and we had our own stage in the hospitality room tonight.

The Festhalle is a notorious cavern of a place where I think I heard a few notes still reverberating from our show there last year. Still, it was one of the best shows yet, a real rocker. One of many high point was Emmy's performance of Michaelangelo and Red Dirt Girl. It's all too much fun and the only drawback is the brevity of the tour.

A runner to London after the show where the Brits will sleep in their own beds and the Septics in a hotel. Septics, cockney rhyming slang for Americans; septic tank=Yank. A day off tomorrow and a show in London the following day.

So long,