St. Augustine, Florida 27 October, 2015

Yesterday was off in Palm Beach where we are basing for the last few shows of the tour.  A day of beach eating, walking and pool lounging.  Lots of do-re-mi here in Palm Beach.


Tonight’s show was the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.  The city of St. Augustine, Florida just celebrated it’s 450th anniversary as the oldest continuously occupied European established settlement in the continental United States, founded in 1565.  


It was a capacity audience of 3,900+.  What a crowd.  We’re down to the end of all of this and still having another ‘first’.  First time ever for St. Augustine.  An outdoor venue with an awning covering the seated area, the audience was ready for the show.  There was a strict 10 p.m. curfew so we went on promptly at 8.  Wonderful people tonight.


A runner to the Legacy.  Chicken wings and drinks at the ready courtesy of Debby.  45 minutes later we’d landed back in Palm Beach.


So long,





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