Albany, New York 11 October, 2015

Our short flight from Boston to Albany was happily spent munching delicious crab cakes from Legal Seafood.  Legal has several restaurants in Boston and are known for these burger sized, lump crab beauties.  Two and a salad are a full meal and in fact it was all I ate the rest of the day.


Our venue last night was The Palace Theatre built in 1930 by the RKO chain, was Albany’s largest movie house and still retains the RKO end caps on every aisle seat.  The theatre has been sold and remodeled several times and is now owned by the city of Albany.  A beautiful theatre that holds a capicity audience of 2,800 was sold out for the show.  We love playing these old theatres for their intimacy, you really feel part of the audience.


A runner back to Boston and a quick nightcap at the hotel bar.  Tomorrow’s a day off… gym, walking and a meal at Legal Seafood, conveniently located behind our hotel.


So long,





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