Ann Arbor, Michigan 4 October, 2015

We de-camped Chicago and after six days there it took an hour to gather everything back into my bag.  An early afternoon flight to Ann Arbor for a show at The Michigan Theatre to a sold out crowd of 1600 people.  An old theatre with a tiny backstage area and small stage.  It felt like a club gig.  Loads of good play and fun.  Before the show the good folks from Reverend Guitars came by to show off a few of their new guitars, always good to see them and have a play.  Also a couple of good friends from Windsor, Ontario came by to visit.  The backstage is so cramped that we ended up hanging out in the back alley for a visit.


After the show we got on the Legacy headed for Toronto.  Debby had a Thai meal and gin and tonics on had for the short flight.  Mike, John, Guy and I met down in the bar for a couple of beers before turning in.


It’s a day off in Toronto tomorrow.  The gym and a wander around is on my calendar.


So long,



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