Las Vegas, Nevada 16 September, 2015

You either love Vegas or you don’t.  


I felt remarkably better when I woke and I credit that to British cure all, Lemsip in hot water and a hot bath the night before.  It feels good to be back among the living.  Sick and freezing on that stage in Salt Lake the night before, I was beginning to wonder.  


We left L.A. mid-afternoon for a short flight to Las Vegas where we played the world famous Caesar’s Palace.  As documented more than once in previous road notes, I’m someone who doesn’t like Vegas, however having been raised in Phoenix, I do like the desert and when we stepped off the plane the warm, dry heat greeted me like an old friend.


Much to it’s credit, the dressing rooms at Caesar’s were spacious, clean and very comfortable.  The polar opposite of that awful cramped trailer in Salt Lake.  It was just what I needed, I was beginning to flag again by late afternoon.  After soundcheck I made my way to a cool, dark and quiet room with couches and caught a nap before the show.


It was great to play again with feeling in my hands and steady legs to hold me up.  Caesar’s Coliseum is a splendid, modern theatre, large stage, high ceiling with a capacity of 4,000+.  The audience was slow to come in and slow to respond at first but that changed about midway through the show and by the end that crowd, which had grown from the beginning, was with us all the way.  All in all it was a good night in Las Vegas.


A runner to the Legacy and a short flight to LA.  In that time our hostess Debby, along with help from Pete McKay, served up a multi-course Indian feast.  My appetite’s been off but I did taste of the Chicken Masala and it was really delicious.  A plane full of discriminating foodies all concurred. 


Back at the hotel I had a re-run of Lemsip and a hot bath, then to bed with my book.  This is boring.  When do I feel like gin again????


So long,




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