Portland, Oregon 13 September, 2015

Woke up too early this morning with a scratchy throat and a kind of spaced out thing.  I hope it goes no further than that though it hasn’t improved as the day went on.  Ordered some coffee up to the room, got dressed and took myself out in the grey misty morning for a walk around the Farmer’s Market for about an hour.  I’ve been walking around these Seattle streets since I first went on tour with Neil Diamond way back in 1971, I’ve always loved this town.


We left for a short plane ride to Portland this afternoon, flying over Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.  This is humbling, fantastic and beautiful country up here in the Pacific north-west.


Tonight’s show was at the Keller Auditorium, a full house of nearly 3,000.  Ruth Moody graciously joined us again for several songs and it’s always great to share a stage with Ruth.  Good show, good people.


A runner to our Portland hotel where I met up with friends for a drink and a hamburger.  Tomorrow’s a day of here and I’ll be having lunch with relatives, beyond that… who knows.


So long,




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