Vancouver, B.C. 10 September, 2015

If you’re reading this first post of the North American tour, it means that I was successful in remembering how to up-load onto my site.  Welcome back.


The British boys arrived in Vancouver a few days ago in hopes of diminishing the jet lag.  The three Yanks, Jim, Glenn and I, flew in yesterday.  Jet lag aside, everyone to a man looked healthy, rested and ready to take on this next adventure.  We had a run through a few things Wednesday evening and again today at sound check.  It’s staggering how much you can forget in five weeks off and, how quickly it all comes back.  It feels good being with the boys, our crew and back on tour.  


After soundcheck today we piled in to catering.  Unfortunately due to American venues and various contracts with them, we don’t have our own chefs in North America.  What that means is, food that is cooked somewhere other than at the venue then brought in and kept warm in steam servers.  It’s fine but it’s not what it was in Europe.  On the bright side, we all manage to drop a few pounds when touring America.  One of the angels from our UK catering crew, Steve Bond, is along with us to keep an eye on things but it simply cannot be the same.


The Brits were in various stages of jet lag before the show but when we hit the stage it was another story altogether.  With five weeks off the show was as fresh as ever and I have to say right here… tonight’s show was one of the very best this band has ever played.  A combination of the time off and the jet lag, but it was SO great on stage tonight.  And the audience…. before we ever played a note they were with us.  A fantastic Thursday night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  Thanks Vancouver.


We leave tomorrow for a couple of shows at the St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington.  What a great way to launch the North American tour, the kind of nights you live for.


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