Lisbon, Portugal 28 July, 2015

Yesterday the 27th was a day off in Lisbon.  Not having been in a gym since Rome, I made it up to the roof top fitness centre in our hotel, a top drawer facility with floor to ceiling windows and a 360 degree view of Lisbon and the water.  I followed that with a walk on the cobblestone sidewalks of the city that were somehow always uphill.  I woke up this morning and my legs were sore as hell and spent the whole day luxuriating on the large balcony of my room practicing my charango.  Mid-afternoon I ordered lunch up to the room, something I never do.  A club sandwich that I devoured out on that balcony.  A complete indulgence.


Tonights show was an outdoor gig in Oeiras, a suburb 15 minutes from Lisbon.  We were alerted before we arrived that the wind was whipping.  The top covering of the stage had to be removed to prevent it becoming a sail.  When we got there it was blowing like crazy.  Glenn couldn’t use his string bass as there was no place to lay it down that it didn’t start spinning from the wind.  By 9:30 when we took the stage the wind had died down a little but blew steadily throughout the entire show.  It was cool evening and with the wind it bordered on cold.  Hard to believe it’s July.  


We had another great show tonight for 12,000 wildly enthusiastic folks then did a runner back to the hotel for a couple of night caps down in the bar.


Very near the end now with just two shows to go.  Saturday night we’ll all be sleeping in our own beds again.  This European tour had sped by.


So long,